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According to several recent research studies, 88% of the business cards are get thrown away within a few hours of business meetings.

In this new era of digitization , why, one should ever be using a conventional card? Let’s be Smart to use our phones smartly & reduce the cutting down of trees.

The MeApp is alternative to your traditional paper business card which enables your contribution towards a greener tomorrow.

Welcome aboard! We are privileged to make you experience a different level of doing business.

The MeApp allows you to create a digital card for your business and your employees. It comes with a simple and responsive design optimized for viewing and experiencing on various mobile devices. With a simple gesture you can exchange your digital business card and save it according to your contacts category,hence helping it to retrieve the information easily in the future.

Change the way you do business with MeApp

Ever realized the problems one faces with the conventional visiting cards? To name a few, around 9 out of 10 business cards end up in the bin. As a solution for all these problems and to drop the hassle of carrying around conventional business cards. With MeApp you never run out of business cards and save the embarrassment of not having one. This apps saves business cards on your phone & helps you to exchange them digitally with one swipe.

MeApp provides free templates for creating a professional business card in no time. It identifies MeApp user in the near vicinity via GPS and lists down the name and their business category that easily allows you to decide whom to share your business card with. The App also allows the users to share their MeCard with non MeApp users via mediums like, WhatsApp, E-mail, Message and other social media networks

What if one day you decide to switch your company or change your phone number, or any imp detail? How do you plan on updating your contacts about the same? This App saves the hassle of updating your contacts. The Real-time feature of MeApp automatically updates your MeCard in the other user’s app without bothering them with any notifications.